Welcome to Club ES Resort – Nepal

A 5-Star superior resort

‘Roof of the World’ Nepal continues its traditional life under the Himalayas.
CLUB ES’s first overseas resort is located here.

The ES Nepal Resort is located in the Deurali Village, a 1700m-high hill top through the wind.

Place to rest in the Himalayas

It is a warm place resembling our home town somewhere in Nepal’s original building.

All rooms have a mountain view, sunrise and sunset, and you can feel the change of the Himalayas in morning and evening.

A warm welcome!

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We hope you find an offer that suits your needs and chose to stay with us.

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Resort & options to spend your time


The ES Jecheon Resort blended into the mountains, is an exotic atmosphere that reminds you of the chalets of the small town.

On weekends, folk songs, blues, vocal performances, and other cultural and art events will be held.

You can also experience the beautiful nature and history of Jecheon.


The ES Tongyeong Resort like a watercolor painted in a splash of watercolor, is a curved building resembling Hallyeo-soo, offering a real sense of departure , with an exotic atmosphere inspired by the scenery of Chardeena Island in Italy.

You can also see the culture and history of Tongyeong, including a pavilion where you can see the footsteps of many artists including Park Kyung Ri, Yoo Chihwan, and Yoon Sang Sang, and the history of the Hansan invasion of Admiral Yi Sun-sin.


ES Jeju Resort located in the middle of Mt. Halla Mountain, has a theme of ‘a memorable Jeju Island’ and has been devoted to nature and life.

It has an earthen garden garden and ranch that resembles the old form of Jeju, a stone wall, Gotjawal, and an unspoiled valley.

There is romance in the culture and arts and the people who are tired of civilization in it.

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